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  • Image of STARDUST Pack
  • Image of STARDUST Pack
  • Image of STARDUST Pack

STARDUST is sold out, he will come back soon :)

This pack contains :

- 1x STARDUST a minimalist Tarot Deck
- 1x STARDUST mini

Stardust is our first project, we designed a tarot on the theme of space with a touch of minimalism.

– 80 cards designed in FRANCE

– 22 Major Arcana / 56 Minor Arcana – 4 suits of 14 cards each (cups-hearts, wands-diamonds, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs)

– 2 extra cards (depending on how you play Rider Waite or Tarot of Marseille)

– 70×120 mm and 44×68 mm

Our games are created in France and printed in Germany. We make a point of honor that our products are manufactured in good social and environmental conditions.

There is no guidebook included with this decks.

The decks contain 2 STRENGTH cards and 2 JUSTICE cards with their number exchanged, for those who play with these inverted cards. The extra cards will be at the end of the deck. Either replace them in the deck or remove them.