About us


We are French twins who live in the north of France, passionate about design and spirituality. Our grandmother used to draw the cards for us when we were younger, that was our first step into the divination world. In 2018 after our studies, we were looking for a way to work together and combine our skills and passions. At the time, we saw a lot of people creating new modern tarots. We figured why not make our own tarot with our aesthetics. The idea became serious and after a lot of research, we started the design. Within a few months, we created STARDUST a minimalist Tarot Deck inspired by space.​

We wanted to publish it ourselves and we found a printer in Germany who would make a minimum of 100 copies. We did a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production by making pre-orders. At the end of 30 days, we had the chance to sell 200 decks in more than 25 countries. We were so happy and grateful that our deck was going to travel around the world. Seeing people receive STARDUST was crazy, the reactions motivated us to continue this adventure and a year later, we released the mini version of STARDUST. Thanks to our second Kickstarter campaign, we were able to make more stock and created our online store to keep up with demand.​

In 2019 we took an office in Saint-Nicolas to have the possibility to develop other projects. We worked on a new divination tool, Stardust Tarot dice, it is our biggest project so far. The kickstarter campaign for the dice was impressive, we never thought that people would be as supportive of this alternative way of doing tarot. With the dice with out of our comfort zone, it has opened us to new possibilities, and we still continue to work on some new exiting stuff.​

Alexandra and William




Personal development is one of the foundations for the launch of Space Delirium, it has allowed us to see the world differently and to have the bravery to follow our dreams. We want to help people discover their own magic in an entertaining way by creating new divination tools with modern and minimalist design.​


Our products are made with as many recyclable and environmentally friendly materials as possible. They pass tests to certify that they are made with inks or materials that comply with European legislation.

Our supplier of cards and game boxes is ISO 14001 certified (environmental standard) and prints the games in its "Green Factory", This guarantees that the production and the building meet environmental management standards.

All our packages are prepared with recyclable or organic materials and we also recycle cardboard, packaging or bubble wrap from our suppliers.

To send our orders, we work with La Poste, which has reduced its CO2 emissions by 24% between 2013 and 2019 by acquiring the world's largest fleet of electric vehicles. Colissimo shipments are 100% CO2 neutral since 2012.